Standards News

Did you have an Accreditation Site Visit in the summer of 2016?
Letters and Accreditation Certificates were mailed out in late October. If you did not get either of these, please let Elizabeth know. 

Annual Accreditation Reports to go LIVE.
Remember that each year that you do not have an accreditation site visit, your camp will need to complete an Annual Accreditation Report. The window of time to complete the report is December 1 – February 1. If you do not know how to access the report, contact Elizabeth. Reports will go “live” and you will be able to begin entering your information on December 1, 2016.

Camp Information Reports
All camps who will be having a site visit in 2017 need to complete a Camp Information Report. These reports were emailed to the Primary Contact / Standards Contact for each camp this week. Please make sure your report is completed and turned in no later than December 20. 

Be sure to complete your visitor availability form. The Standards Committee will be meeting in the new year to start visit assignments and we don’t want to miss your information!