Camps up for Accreditation in 2013

Yes, it is hard to think about next summer already!  But we are.  If you are up for Accreditation in 2013 you will need a new Accreditation Process Guide.  Please email Elizabeth with the following information if you have not yet received your guide:

  • Camp Name
  • Standards Contact Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address

Associate Visitor Course

Are you interested in becoming an Accreditation Visitor? We will be holding our next Visitor Training in November.

November 9th and 10th
9am-5pm (must attend both days)
The Barton Center
North Oxford, MA

Sign up today!

Standards Courses

We are in the process of confirming the locations for standards courses to be held this year.  As courses are scheduled they will be posted to the Professional Calendar.

Tips for a Smooth Visit

As we have finished the first summer using the revised, rewritten and reformatted standards it is always good for us to take a look at how we prepare each summer for our Accreditation visit.  The next few eCommunicates will include tips on ways to make that next visit go just a little more smoothly.  We’ve talked to visitors and seasoned camps to find out what works best for them.   

Why start to prepare so early?  My visit isn’t until the summer?    

The more you have prepared ahead of time, the easier the visit will go.  This is a great opportunity to look over your policies and procedures and make sure you are really doing what you say you are doing. 

For many camp directors, traditionally the fall is a little less hectic.  This allows for more time to spend going through the standards.  We all know that once camp fairs start and we begin hiring staff the spring flies by in an instant.  Use the fall to get a jump on updating your binders. 

If this is your first or 10th time being accredited, due to the revised standards you will need to take some time to reorganize your standards binders.  While the majority of the standards have not changed in their content, the numbers have changed and many standards are reworded.  Take some time and read through the new standards and make sure you have the details the standards are looking for.

Have a tip to share?  Let Elizabeth know!