I made a mental note to keep the noun balance fresh in my thoughts over the last few weeks.  Although not surprising (there are two simple definitions, nine full definitions and twelve subsets of those nine), balance is present in our lives on a daily basis whether we take the time to ponder or not.

I was assisting my 4 year old nephew over the holidays with a Legos creation.  He was certainly in charge and I played the role of an eager laborer.  What amazed me was his ability to bounce from chair to chair, move and weave around a table and orchestrate the project all while maintaining his balance on the imaginary tightrope that he had plotted on the floor and around the room.  Certainly the balance metaphor is simple here, but his creativity of balancing multiple tasks made it stick for me.  

Another time just recently I had the great fortune to share one of those wonderful social dinners with my adult daughter, her boyfriend and his parents.  In the classic way, we never made it to a dining room table. We stood and sat around a large wooden topped kitchen prep table in the kitchen while creating and then eating scratch made pizzas and flatbreads.  At some point I commented how great the pizzas were and that the family had apparently all graduated from Pizza 101 and had moved on to higher level pizza making experiences.  He bent his knees, put out his arms like a surfer and said…it’s all about balance… Perfect.

Camp provides balance in many if not all of those 23 definitions (go ahead and look them up).  To those of us that work in camping, that share ideas with our peers and who participate in the various connecting opportunities that ACA – New England has to offer, this is not a new revelation.  Yet it is quite possibly a new thought consideration to those who are just learning or have yet to learn about the magic and power of camp.  So I ask you to consider keeping balance fresh in your mind and present in your thoughts.  Perhaps you can find a new method, a new idea, a new model as you plan and prepare for another summer providing youth with opportunities of balance.

Steve Sudduth

Co-Owner/Co-Director Camp Wyonegonic, Denmark, ME

Photo courtesy of ACA Accredited Hidden Valley Camp,  Freedom, ME