President of the Board Steve Sudduth’s remarks at our Annual Meeting and Dinner March 27th:

Those of you at the Annual Meeting last year, heard me tell a story that basically suggested that  we know there is a need and a place for camp.  We know we are an important piece of the transformation of youth into positive, functional, purposeful  adults.  We know this is not just a goal for today, but for the future as well.  I am simply offering a reminder that in our own individual ways, we are a puzzle piece for the overall success. We are all a piece of the greater whole.   

 ACA New England has a significant role but cannot do all the heavy lifting without your involvement. This is somewhat  of a JFK message....Find your participatory place!

I am sure many of you have had orientation or pre-camp sessions with your key leaders and have had individuals  share what they most look forward to each summer.  At times, I have taken a slightly different approach by a suggesting that I will know what I most look forward to...when it happens.  What I like about this approach is that I often  get to have more than one of those moments

 SO...If you have one of those AHA moments  that answers why you do the work you do, I ask you to consider sharing that testimonial with  ACA New England. Put pen to paper and send in your story. Can you imagine the archive of stories revolving  around  the value of camp? How cool it would  be if Lucy Norvell needed to call on volunteer help to sort and sift through  testimonials in order to determine which ones resonate with a particular  message needed at the given moment?

Elevating the awareness of the value of camp drives relevance for this organization. Relevance ensures that leadership must stay engaged in strategic planning with the future  in mind.  Supporting our camps and aligned programs  circles back to getting the message out in a loud and clear voice.  You are all involved  in the message.That message: Camp is not only relevant  but perhaps critical to the positive development of the child.

Thank you for participating tonight and being a part of our annual meeting. We celebrate our past in order to honor our future!