Maine Camps are celebrating Earth Day July 15 & 16:  “gives camps a chance to incorporate environmental sustainability into their programming.” Ron Hall of Maine Summer Camps said they began the Earth Day activity last summer to recognize “the importance of taking care of our world.”

Sarah Seaward, director of Camp Nashoba North in Raymond, ME partners with nearby Mulberry Farms to include locally sources food for campers. “We’re really trying to do as much as we can to save the earth and help the planet,” she said. 

Seeds of Peace camp hosts new session for teens from conflict zones: "It was really difficult, especially to have people from the 'other side' next to me, sleeping with me," said Elizabeth, a second-year camper, who is from Palestine. "We are raised to hate them. So when you come here with that idea and hatred in your heart, and you come here and you find out they're actually people. They're nice."

Brajtbord said these campers face an inner conflict.

"It's a learning moment to say, 'this is part of who I am, but it's not all of who I am.' It's an emotional and intellectual sort of struggle constantly throughout camp, but from that struggle and from that conflict comes a lot of growth," said Brajtbord. 

Camp Susan Curtis provides lifetime lessons: Seth Labrecque, 14, of Naples was at Camp Susan Curtis last week for the first time. He didn’t want to go when his mother first told him. But when she listed all the outdoor activities, Labrecque thought he’d try it. After three days, Labrecque said he wanted to return next year.

“This is a special place,” he said. “Every morning they give us a message and then at night when we take the flag down we review it. Today it was, ‘Think before you speak.’ Yesterday it was, ‘Everyone can contribute.’ That means a lot. It means we all can share our ideas. That’s cool.” 

Eagle Rock Day Camp receives ACA AccreditationBecky Hubschman, Co-Director for Eagle Rock Day Camp said, “Our participation in the ACA Accreditation program demonstrates our commitment to providing our campers with the highest quality experience possible. We are thrilled to have met the ACA’s standards and look forward to continuing to foster a safe, nurturing and fun environment for our campers.”