DMV Inspections

For those camps who have their Camp Vehicles inspected from the DMV, here is some useful information from Keith Garbart (CCA President) that may apply to you for this summer:

I recently had a message from a camp that went for vehicle inspection and mentioned there was some new safety equipment needed in camp vehicles.  I called Lt. Green at DMV and he clarified what that means for us and he informed me he wanted to make things consistent with the two areas (Hamden and Wethersfield) the things that he asked his inspectors to do is make sure the Vehicle has a Sound Mechanical Inspection (of course) and then he added three things that were supposed to always be done but had not been inspected consistently.  Those three things are:

      1. Fire Extinguisher
      2. First Aid Kit
      3. Emergency Triangles

All items must be properly secured and that can be easily done by keeping them in a bag as part of an emergency road kit.  That is it as far as he is concerned.  As mentioned these are not new they are things that have always been there just not always enforced.  He did acknowledge that he made a mistake by not making us aware of that and accepted responsibility for that.  He took the step of contacting DPH and they have since changed the form with a note at the bottom of what should be in the vehicle for safety equipment.  Can we get an email out to members and licensed camps about this so they know what to expect?  I have also attached the form to this email and I will post the info on the members section of the website.

Free Training Opportunity for CCA Members and Their Staff

Just a reminder that on June 19th the Connecticut Camping Association is providing a free training opportunity to CCA members and their staff.

There are still a few seats available at both locations and if you would like to take advantage of this great presentation, please contact Rhino Merrick.