Thurber RoastChris Thurber Honored and Roasted at Maine's State Meeting

Maine Camps roasted and honored Chris Thurber at their State meeting at the recent ACA New England conference.  Dr. Thurber has provided education to camps and camp staff in Maine for years, and has deep roots in Maine camps. Camps wanted to show their appreciation for all Chris has brought to Maine.  Instead of presenting him with another plaque, Bobby Strauss of Camp Wigwam wrote the words to a song lamenting where we’d all be without Chris Thurber – we’d be bad camp directors, disruptive campers (“the food is lousy, you can’t make me, this camp sucks!”), terrible staff (“where’s the party?, wait-- let me answer this text”) why we might even be Bob Ditter!  The tongue-in-cheek song was presented by a troupe of polished performers (who had about 5 minutes to practice) and the audience response was hilarious.  Chris was touched, and (momentarily) speechless. We are also giving him a gift certificate to the restaurant of his choice for a night out with his spouse.

(submitted by Mary Ellen Deschenes)