We would like to welcome our NINE new Accreditation Visitors! You might just get to meet them this summer visiting your camp. 

Dante Broadbent
Becky Hawkes
Jennifer Whalen-Sirois
Lizzy Rosen
Cassie Richardson
Kat Nelson
Thomas Hart
Terri Mulks
Eric Rightor 

 Annual Accreditation Reports

Thank you to all of our camps who have submitted their Annual Accreditation Review. In this first year of completing these reports, we have learned a lot and appreciate our camps diligence, patience and hard work.

A HUGE Thank You goes out to our Accreditation Visitors who reviewed these reports. 

Not sure what is being referred to when you hear Annual Accreditation Report? Starting this year, all camps are being asked to fill out a 21 question narrative report in their non-site visit years. With the roll out of the 5 year accreditation cycle, completing this report will allow a shifting from a focus only on the visit to a focus on continuous compliance with the standards. This shift will emphasize ongoing quality improvement throughout the entire accreditation cycle. In most years, camps will demonstrate their compliance with accreditation standards by submitting a narrative report (the AAR). At least every fifth year, they will demonstrate their full compliance through an on-site visit.

Summer 2016 Accreditation Visits

Visit assignments are out, and visitors will be in touch with the camps they will be working with this summer (if they have not already). 
What can a camp do to be prepared? The best thing to do is make sure all your written documentation is ready to go. 
Questions in regard to your visit? Contact Elizabeth.