Share your expertise. Only you can suggest the topic – whether your expertise is just emerging or it's been building over decades, we'd love a session on what YOU know about. 
  • Whether it is business-related (i.e. Marketing, PR, Fund-raising, Advanced Budgeting, Social Media)
  • Or it's program-related (i.e. STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math; integrating community service; the latest games and time-fillers; tackling transition times in the schedule)
  • Or it's psychology-related (i.e. staff training, camp culture, counseling; substance abuse or other challenges)
  • Or it’s related to something else entirely, send in your proposal!

Showcase your own talent & get a résumé boost. Even if you’ve never presented, this might be the time. Perhaps, you present all the time; here’s your chance to do something new. Speaking at our Conference in March will no doubt look great and keep your résumé/CV current. What will you pitch to us? What can you present? 

Connect with and meet new colleagues. No doubt you have a lot of camp friends already. But here's a chance to really connect with some like-minded people in New England. Create a new cohort! Expand your circle. Doing a session at our Conference can feed your soul! What will you bring?

More about presenting. Submit a session proposal! About our 95th New England Conference plans.

Additional questions? Just message Donna Johns-Thomas, Director of Education.