Upcoming HR related regulations taking effect in New England states


Multiple New England states have passed legislation that goes into effect in the coming weeks and months that will have an impact on how camps manage their HR, paperwork, on-boarding, and staff training process. 


Time’s Up Act  (effective date 10/1/2019)

Nearly all employers in Connecticut will now have to provide sexual harassment training to employees under Connecticut Public Act No. 19-16, also referred to as the “Time’s Up Act,” an amendment to existing state law that Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed into law on June 18, 2019.

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Additional information: Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities


Act to Keep Workers in Maine (effective date: 9/18/19)

On June 28, 2019, Governor Mills signed L.D. 733, entitled “An Act to Promote Keeping Workers in Maine” (the “Act”) into law.  The Act will impose some significant new restrictions on noncompetition agreements in Maine.

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Massachusetts Paid Family & Medical Leave (notice due 9/30/19; contributions begin 10/1/19)

After a three-month delay in implementation to prepare for compliance, employer deductions under the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave will begin Oct. 1.

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 Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Noncompetition Agreement Act (effective date 1/15/20)

The act is aimed at safeguarding the "bargaining power and mobility of low-wage workers" by limiting the enforcement of these agreements.  The Act, however, vastly overextends its protections to prohibit noncompete agreements for many employees—not just low-wage workers.

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