"Here in Hanover" profile of Posie Taylor

Posted  | by Jonathon House |

The front page of Posie Taylor's profile, featured in "Here in Hanover" for the Summer 2018 issue.

Starting from the shore of Lake Fairlee and finishing as a camp icon, New England-area magazine "Here in Hanover" examined the life of a camp legend Posie Taylor in a recent profile. An American Camp Association New England Presidential Honor award recipient, she spent several stints on the ACA New England Board of Directors and served as the Aloha Foundation's Executive Director for 17 years. 

The article covers her lifetime of service, career with the Aloha Foundation, and philosophy toward the camp experience—which she summed up as "Camp is a time and place for social learning and self-discovery." 

Bette Bussel, ACA New England's Executive Director, said in the article that "her work for the benefit of camps and ACA New England has had a profound impact on the camping movement." The article was written by Pam Podger and can be found on page 56. 

“Camp is a time and place for social learning and self-discovery.”