Camp in the News - February


Why Summer Camp May be the Secret to a Longer Life >

By Audrey Monke  | Sunshine Parenting
"Successful lives are created first from social connection and positive relationships. They are lives that end – ideally – at old age, surrounded by the few people with whom we have gone through life’s ups and downs. They are lives that – when we are faced with the inevitable depression, anxiety, and mental health issues that plague us all during different seasons and for different circumstances (both biological and circumstantial) – we have at least a few people who will know us well, support us, and help us get the intervention we need to heal – even if they have to knock down our door to do it."

Planning for Your Kid's First Summer Sleepaway Camp >

By Lisa Jhung  | Backpacker
"I was a camp kid. At the end of my sixth grade year, I spent a month away at Gold Arrow Camp in the Sierras. I did a lot of things I’d never done before in my ball sports-oriented family. At camp, I rock climbed, canoed, and made homemade ice cream with rock salt. I got my sailing certification and sailed a little Sunfish by myself across a big lake, and learned how to shoot a bow and arrow. I learned camp songs (“Peanuuuut, peanut butter, jelly”), and made friends from all over. I got out of my comfort zone and learned how to be independent from my family. It was an awesome experience."

First Camp, Then the World >

By Jess Michaels  | New York Family
"Looking for a way to give your child an edge in life to succeed in the future? Would you believe it’s as easy as signing your child up for camp? Summer camp offers children the opportunity to gain the important skills they need to become successful adults in the 21st Century. “The world has changed since we were kids. Our children are growing up in a world that is rapidly changing with the increased use of automation and artificial intelligence which raises questions about what the jobs of the future will be,” says Scott Brody, Owner and Director of Camps Kenwood for boys and Camp Evergreen for girls, brother/sister camps in New Hampshire. “It’s our job to robot proof our kids so that whatever the jobs of the future look like, we have given them a set of skills that enable them to adapt.”