Camp in the News - April


Hiring Camp Staff, Part II: The Challenge of the “Internship Climate” for College Students and the Camps Who Want to Hire Them >

By Kristine Millard  | Bangor Daily News

"As college students look ahead toward post-graduate careers, they face pressures from all sides. From a financial standpoint, many young adults have incurred student loans, making the importance of a secure job both during school and after graduation even more essential. In addition, college students often believe that a successful career demands a lock-step progression of experiences on the way to that first job. Accordingly, while young adults pursue their studies, they increasingly feel pressure to participate in a professional, often major-related, internship to help pave the way toward that just-right position after college is over."

By BJ Hollars | VolumeOne

"I know because I am there – an 8-year-old alongside all the others, trembling in my swimsuit as I await the whistle blow. Our counselors take their positions, strapping their lifeguard tubes across their chests like bandoliers. The wait feels interminable, our scrawny bodies a swirl of kinetic energy, which we attribute mostly to bug juice. All we want in the world is to enter that cool water, to feel the muck between our toes, the seaweed against our ankles, and the heart-racing terror of not knowing which fish will nibble who first."

Prepare Your Child (and Yourself) for Camp >

Salem Patch

"From Salem State University: Salem State University Professor Ann Marie Gallo, EdD, of Medford, professor of sports movement science, received the 2019 Joseph McKenney Award from the Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (MAHPERD). The award will be presented to Gallo during the 26th annual MAHPERD Award Banquet at the Double Tree Hotel in Milford on Sunday, May 5."

Daniel J Richmond | San Fransisco Chronicle

"In popular culture, summer camp is often portrayed as a place where pranks are played, romances unfold and underdogs triumph. Classic summer camp movies such as the 1979 film “Meatballs” or, more recently, the 2012 movie “Moonrise Kingdom,” are just a couple of examples. Movies aside, summer camp can be a meaningful experience that helps kids learn important life lessons and have fun along the way."

Teens learn much from camp counselor positions >

Lisa Prejean | Herald Mail Meda

"My teenage daughter has been helping with the basketball camp at our school, and I have enjoyed hearing about the experiences she has had working with elementary and junior high girls. She and her friends are gaining valuable experiences as they instruct, demonstrate and respond to the campers. Throughout our area this summer, teenage athletes will be investing in those who are coming behind them. This is a win-win situation, and I would encourage parents to seek these kinds of opportunities, both for the children who participate in camp and for the teens who help with the camps"