Bette Bussel quoted in 'Psychology Today' blog


#thestruggleisreal Summer Learning Without Technology by Stephen Gray Wallace: Bette Bussel, Executive Director of the American Camp Association, New England, told me, “When campers unplug from technology, there are often two major advantages. One comes from the power of real face-to-face interaction, the other from the chance to move and be active. By engaging with other children and counselors in person, campers build the communication and collaboration skills that will prove useful if not invaluable after camp, in college and in adult life. Campers naturally become more physically active without screens to watch or to use for social media. Camp is not a sedentary place.” She elaborated, “Summer camps create unique opportunities for engagement that are not available back home or at school. The absence of technology has quite a bit to do with setting up those life-changing opportunities.”