ACA New England & Our Camps in the News


Springtime has come to New England! Snow or no snow, it's time for families and campers to get ready for summer camp! Families are calling us. Reporters are calling us. Spring is a great time for the "camp curious" to have their questions answered. These articles that landed in winter featured ACA New England advice and resources and mentioned ACA Accredited camps while including quotes from Members and from our staff.

The recent Boston Sunday Globe (3/23/14) article on how to find a Massachusetts Sports Camp highlighted the following ACA Accredited camps: Brooks Day Camp (N. Andover, MA), Beaver Summer Programs (Chestnut Hill, MA), Nashoba Day Camp (Littleton, MA), Camp Sewataro (Sudbury, MA) and Camp Cedar (Casco, ME) and highlighted this advice from Lucy Norvell, Director of Public Information, "There's a right camp out there for everyone... The trick is getting the  best match between a child's current needs and interests and what is out there."  Our advice and online resources for the public and families are designed to help find a best fit camp!

"Where Simplicity Matters Most: The Greening of Summer Camp," which appeared on page 112 of the Spring edition of WellesleyWeston Magazine, focuses on how camps help their campers gain environmental literacy and develop lifelong skills for caring for the environment. What camps are doing is as fascinating as it is powerful; it's clear that camps are playing a primary role in fostering this important type of learning. We're thrilled to read about the following ACA Accredited camps which are featured in the article: Concord Academy Summer Camp (Concord, MA), the Farm & Wilderness Camps (VT), Meadowbrook Day Camp (Weston, MA), Nobles Day Camp (Dedham, MA), Summer Fenn Day Camp (Concord, MA), and YMCA Camp Huckins (Freedom, NH). And, we're equally thrilled to see the wise words of ACA New England's Executive Director, Bette Bussel:

"Whether campers are harvesting organic greens from the camp garden, minimizing food waste, eating from dishes that have been cleaned by a solar-powered dishwasher, clearing trails or waterways, getting around using muscle power instead of gas power, or finding unique and authentic ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, they are learning ways of being green that will benefit their families, schools, communities, and the world. We say that camp gives kids a world of good. Camps give the world a world of good, too. Greening at camp is one very significant way." 

Some of our latest advice from Executive Director, Bette Bussel, appeared in the 3-2-14 Boston Sunday Globe Magazine's article: The top 5 mistakes parents make when choosing a summer camp. Mistake No. 2 Following the Leader:This might be the one instance where relying on a fellow parent’s recommendation can be a detriment. Everyone else on your street may rave about that sports camp, but your kid is a budding artist. “You’ve got to take your child into consideration,” says Bussel. That means not only his unique interests, but also the camp’s underlying philosophy. Some kids thrive on the competitive spirit of color war, while others may prefer a more Kumbaya experience. And be sure to ask your child for his input.

Several Parenting Publications in New England have featured ACA New England's advice in their "Camp Editions."

  • The Kids VT paper's 2014 Summer Camp Guide is full of content from ACA New England! Check it out for useful information on starting your camp search, ways to find the best fit summer camp for your child, key questions to frame your summer camp search and tips on preparing for an amazing summer camp experience! There are several articles on some of the many benefits of a camp experience--such as camp helping keep kids healthy and instilling environmental awareness. Click HERE to read the full articles. 
  • The Boston Parents Paper Northeast Camp Guide features many ACA Accredited camps in New England. And it contains a few articles by Lucy Norvell. Click HERE to see the full magazine.
  • The Summer Camp edition of Parenting NH contains several articles by members of our staff. Read Bette Bussel's article about how summer camp experiences teach decision-making skills or Lucy Norvell's 5 tips on finding a camp that fits best and many more HERE.