ACA Accredited Camps in New England Featured!


Yesterday's Boston Globe Magazine included an article on Finding a summer camp that fits your child's needs.

“Fifteen years ago, parents might have crossed their fingers and hoped it would go well, maybe that their kid could get a fresh start over the summer in a new environment,” says Nat Saltonstall, director at Beaver Summer Camp in Chestnut Hill and a former president of the American Camp Association, New England. “Now I don’t see that anymore. I see parents giving more information from the start and partnering with us to come up with concrete plans for their children.”

In addition to Nat, a number of administrators of these ACA Accredited camps in New England were interviewed for and quoted in the article:

Camp Howe, Goshen, MA - Terrie Campbell, Executive Director & ACA New England board member

Barton Center for Diabetes Education, North Oxford, MA - Mark Bissell, Resident Camp Director 

Camp Akeela, Thetford Center, VT- Debbie Sasson, Co-founder 

Camp Ramah, Tikvah Program, Palmer, MA