Wilderness Trip Leader - Hosmer Point Summer Camp


Job Description

Head Trip Leader of our brand new trekking program. Wilderness Trek camps will have the same Hosmer Point community values and feeling of family our campers look forward to each summer, while also providing exciting new experiences. In our unique program, campers will design their own trip schedule, choosing from a diverse selection of activates in locations around Vermont. Working together (and with help from our experienced trip leaders) they will plan their journey so that they have enough time for each experience and can travel from point A to point B. Activity choices may include hiking, biking, paddling, and even sailing options, with primitive camping and outdoor cooking each night. Beginning and ending at Hosmer Point, campers will have a chance to hang out in their favorite spots while they plan their trip, and after nine days on the trail, they'll be able to share their adventures with the rest of their camp family during Thanksgiving and the rest of our traditional closing activities.

Apply by: February 12 2017


Camp/Organization: Hosmer Point Summer Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: Craftsbury, VT

Type of Position: Program Head

Time Frame: Seasonal


  1. To plan and pack for the trips.
  2. To guide the trips as well as plan all programming and meals that happen on the trip.
  3. To supervise and ensure safety of all participants.
  4. To take responsibility for the food, shelter, first aid, and travel on the trip.
  5. To practice good minimal impact camping while on the trip.
  6. To communicate and debrief with the Camp Directors any issues or hazards on the trip and to communicate health issues to the nurse/health staff. 
  7. To keep gear and shed organized and maintain inventories.
  8. While in camp to help out in program areas as needed.
  9. To help with transportation details.
  10. To help ready campers for the trip i.e. proper packing, appropriate gear to bring, what to expect


  1. Must be at least 21+ years of age and possess the maturity, good judgment and leadership ability to lead our campers on trips 
  2. Have 2+ years of trip leading experience
  3. Possesses skills relevant to leading camping trips.
  4. Experience on trips of similar size, duration, mode of travel and program focus
  5. Experience in Leave No Trace principles


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Jon Hammond

76 Hosmer Point Ln
Craftsbury Common, Vermont 05827