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Job Description


At AYF-Merrowvista, we are seeking trip leaders and outdoor professionals who are inspired to make a difference in the lives of youth through adventure programming. Based in the mountains of New Hampshire, our Four Trails Adventure Trip program offers geographically diverse and exciting adventures for high school aged participants. Trip Leaders are supported in planning and co-leading multiple trips throughout our seven-week summer camp season. Our trips are mission-focused and intentionally designed to challenge participants to embrace their own best version of themselves, to live a balanced life, and to make a positive difference in the wider world.

Primary Responsibilities:

-Provide leadership, guidance, and role modeling.
-Manage the physical and emotional safety of their village.
-Encourage personal and social development according to the mission and philosophy of the AYF.
-Deliver instruction in skilled program activities.
-Encouraging social, emotional, and physical risks in healthy and safe ways.
-Exercise strict adherence to established safety procedures and guidelines.
-Manage behavioral issues, homesickness, injury or unforeseen circumstances from remote locations in conjunction with your coordinator and support team at camp.
-Learn and teach relevant skills.
-Teach and abide by “Leave No Trace” outdoor ethics.
-Properly fill out all of the paperwork required before and after a program.

Apply by: May 11 2020


Camp/Organization: American Youth Foundation - Merrowvista (ACA Accredited)

Location: Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire

Type of Position: Specialized Activity Leader

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $2,700-$3,735



-Minimum age of 21 years.
-Completed at least one year of college or equivalent.
-Demonstrate leadership ability and commitment to balanced personal development and excellence.
-Knowledge of First Aid safety guidelines for outdoor experiences and group process and facilitation.
-Current First Aid and CPR, WFR, Lifeguard (Courses provided during training as appropriate to the role).
-Previous experience working with youth or trip leading preferred.
-Previous experience with group management, facilitation and outdoor education preferred.

Dates: 6/5/2020 - 8/15/2020


Essential Functions:

-Able to lift up to 45 pounds.
-Applicants must be in excellent physical condition. They will be required to have the stamina and energy to safely lead campers during travel through difficult terrain, in challenging weather and after long days.
-Applicants must have strong emotional health. They will be required to exhibit good judgment, effective problem solving, and maintain calm to safely lead the children in their care under changing and stressful conditions.
-Be able to maintain focus for extended periods while assessing risks and supervising campers.
-Ability to respond to, teach and manage the behaviors of the campers in their care.
-Able to effectively manage their emotions to remain focused on what is in the best interest of the campers in their care in a variety of situations.
-Ability to communicate effectively with campers and staff.
-Ability to respond to and direct campers and/or staff in an emergency.
-Ability to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.
-Ability to maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment for campers.

Additional Information

Commitment to Equity and Inclusion The American Youth Foundation enthusiastically welcomes staff and participants with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities. AYF seeks to continually assess our practices through a broad lens of cultural competency and is committed to taking action and changing for the better of all. We are firmly committed to maintaining a work atmosphere in which people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles may grow personally and professionally and all are highly encouraged to apply. Benefits: -Intensive, quality, paid staff training -$300+/week -Certifications -Housing and food provided for duration of employment -Beautiful location


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Chris Wellens

147 Canaan Road
Center Tuftonboro, New Hampshire 03816