Job Description

Oversee all aspects of the Aquatics Program at The Barton Center.
Perform as an integral part of the camp leadership team at The Barton Center.
Use all skills, talents, experience and knowledge to positively influence the summer camp experience, in all areas of camp life.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Design, establish and supervise a program that promotes the use of the pool, pond and small crafts with enjoyment and safety. The program should be age/swimming ability appropriate, providing the camper with opportunities to develop and improve on new and existing skills. 
  2. Submit lesson plans in writing to the Program Director at the beginning of the summer. 
  3. Actively participate in pre-camp training. 
  4. Lead, train and supervise staff members assigned to the Waterfront in the facilitation of a sound and safe program. 
  5. Plan for and request necessary supplies in advance, requesting replacement orders as necessary in collaboration with the Camp Director. 
  6. Coordinate any recreational activities at the waterfront. 
  7. Keep a current DAILY RECORD of pool conditions and deliver it to the Board of Health WEEKLY. 
  8. Follow, develop and enforce standard rules applicable to the Waterfront, ensuring that campers and staff are informed of these policies and that they are adhered to at all times. 
  9. Set up and enforce a check-in system for the waterfront. 
  10. Test and classify campers and staff with regard to their swimming ability. Hand out colored bracelets to campers designating swimming ability group. Give a record of bracelets distributed to Camp Director. 
  11. Maintain a safe, clean, and organized waterfront area, cleaning and conducting inspections for safety and good repair on a daily basis. 
  12. Conduct a comprehensive inventory and equipment inspection at the beginning and end of camp, storing equipment for safety and making/requesting repairs as necessary. 
  13. Complete and comply with all applicable ACA and Massachusetts Board of Health safety standards.
  14. Bring any safety concerns to the attention of the Camp Director. 
  15. Arrange for the supplies and schedule of torch carriers for final campfires. 
  16. Arrange lifeguard coverage (shifts) for all-camp trips which involve waterfront activities. 
  17. Attend and assume a leadership role at all camp training, activities, special events, and parent/camper information meetings. 
  18. Evaluate current season, and make recommendations for equipment, supplies and program for following season, submitting this evaluation to the Camp Director. 
  19. Perform any and all other duties as assigned by the Camp Director, Assistant Director and/or Program Director.

Apply by: March 29 2016


Camp/Organization: Camp Barton (ACA Accredited)

Location: North Oxford, MA

Type of Position: Program Head

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $2,500 stipend for summer



  1. Minimum age of 21 years old. 
  2. Current First Aid and CPR certifications. 
  3. Current Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (or equivalent). 
  4. Advanced Life Saving (or equivalent). 
  5. At least two years of experience on a waterfront. 
  6. Ability to coordinate an Aquatics program that is designed specifically for camp. 
  7. Ability to act in a leadership, administrative and supervisory capacity and be a positive role model for both staff and campers. 
  8. Ability to accept supervision and guidance, and relate to one's peer group. 
  9. Good character, integrity, and ability to adapt to a camp setting.


The Waterfront director should have 2 years of lifeguard and/or supervisory experience.

Additional Information

Good understanding of Type 1 Diabetes preferred.


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Ken Follette

30 Ennis Road
North Oxford, MA, Massachusetts 01537

508.987.2056 x 2001