Water ski/Wakeboard/Boat driver Counselor - Camp Cody


Job Description

Dates: June 15th - August 20th, 2016. The Water ski/Wakeboard Counselor will plan, direct, and implement activities in Camp Cody's waterfront Program. Overseeing all health and safety, risk assessments and maintenance of the waterfront and Water Ski boating area, while delivering lessons and coordinating Water Skiing/WAkeboarding activities into the entire camp program. Salary: $275 - $400 per/week (Room & Board included)

Apply by: June 18 2016


Camp/Organization: Camp Cody (ACA Accredited)

Location: Freedom NH

Type of Position: Specialized Activity Leader

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Salary: $275 - $400 per/week (Room & Board included)


Responsibilities: Teach and stimulate the interest of staff and campers. Implement innovative and fun lesson plans and teaching techniques. Conduct a regular check of equipment for safety, cleanliness, and good repair. Set up activity area and waterfront/boat pier during staff week. Submit orders for supplies and equipment during staff week or when needed ensuring the timely arrival of materials. Conduct an initial and end of the season inventory and store all equipment properly. Evaluate current season and make recommendations for equipment or program changes for the next season. Work as a member of a team of counselors who provide guidance and support to all campers. Plan and prepare for inter-camp sporting events and activities, when applicable. Assist with all-camp events, evening programs, trips. Other duties assigned by supervisors.


Desired Qualifications: Training, certification, or documented experience in teaching Water ski lessons and creating relevant age appropriate water ski activities for children starting with the basics. Competent powerboat driver, shows suitable amount of experience, qualifications are good but not essential. Can operate craft in a safe manner and understanding of waterway rules. Experience in towing people behind a boat and not just driving, and experience of towing a variety of different activities (tubing, skiing, wakeboarding) but not essential. Experience of being able to do certain activities (tubing, skiing, wakeboarding) in order to understand and then teach activity alongside a basic mechanical understanding of how boats operate/work for simple maintenance/care (fuelling/lights/checking prop). Basic seamanship skills (tying knots/tying up craft/anchoring). Endurance and stamina needed to provide constant programming and supervision to campers. Positive attitude and sense of humor.

Additional Information

How to Apply: Contact staff@campcody.com for more information Or apply directly online at: https://campcody.campintouch.com/ui/forms/application/staff/App


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Kevin Shin

9 Cody Road
Freedom, New Hampshire 03836