Unit Counselor / Archery Specialist - Wildwood Camp


Job Description

Unit counselors live and work directly with campers and strive to provide a safe and positive environment in which campers grow both personally and socially and explore the natural environment. Counselors also teach a variety of activities.

What are the expectations in addition to Unit responsibilities?

  • • Train and supervise archery staff 
    • Train all archery staff in their skills and responsibilities 
    • Verify skills of archery staff prior to allowing them to lead archery programs 
    • Ensure staff perform their duties appropriately at all times 
    • Give constructive feedback to archery staff, including periodic written evaluations 
  • • Ensure safety of all persons in the archery area 
    • Orient all campers, staff and families to archery rules 
    • Assess the archery range and buffer zones daily for potential hazards 
    • Repair and/or report any potential hazards or safety concerns 
    • Enforce all archery range rules and policies
  •  • Deliver and supervise high-quality archery programs 
    • Teach archery programs as scheduled 
    • Develop creative programs to enhance the archery experience for participants 
    • Notify Program Coordinator of any equipment issues or needs in a timely manner 
  • • Maintain an organized facility and keep accurate written records 
    • Maintain all facilities and equipment in safe, working order 
    • Ensure the archery range is kept clean and organized 
    • Accurately complete written checklists, logs and report forms as directed

Apply by: March 10 2020


Camp/Organization: Wildwood Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: Rindge, NH

Type of Position: Specialized Activity Leader

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $3200 DOE


Applicants must have a strong desire to work with children in an outdoor setting and an interest in teaching and learning about the natural environment. Counselors must be at least 19 years old or have graduated High School on or before 2019, hold current First Aid and CPR certifications and be willing to live full-time in a residential camp setting.


In addition to meeting the requirements for Unit Counselors, applicants must have strong archery skills and leadership ability. Archery certification from a nationally recognized provider or documented experience teaching archery to youth required.


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Cheryl Oliveira

27 Vining Road PO Box 826
Rindge, New Hampshire 03461