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Camp Quinebarge

Camp Quinebarge is a traditional, overnight boys and girls summer camp lying on 70 acres of forest and over 1,200 feet of lakefront on Lake Kanasatka in Moultonborough, NH. Since 1936, Camp Quinebarge has fostered an environment for children to learn about themselves and the world around them, try new activities and learn new skills, have fun, and make friendships that last a lifetime.

At Quinebarge, counselors lead program activities as well as live in and supervise their assigned cabin of campers. During activity periods, counselors are responsible for their activity areas and for the group of campers assigned for that hour; most other times, they are with their cabin. Senior staff spend some of their time in the office, but most of their day is spent out and about, supervising activities or cabin time, resolving issues, and support counseling staff.


The Quinebarge Boating Program is a mix of instruction and recreation on a wide array of non-motorized personal watercraft, as well as our pontoon boat. The Program includes sailing, canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and tubing. As with all activities on the Waterfront, we strive to teach campers water safety skills that will allow them to safely enjoy the water throughout their lives. Other Waterfront activities include swim lessons, general swim, and a water trampoline.

During Boating, counselors teach campers how to use each type of watercraft safely, including the use of personal flotation devices, different strokes, and what to do if your boat is swamped. Counselors lead short excursions up or down Lake Kanasatka, races, and other games on the water. During tubing, counselors drive the 25 foot pontoon boat and supervise the tuber and boat passengers for safety.

Boating counselors also act as lifeguards during their lessons, swimming lessons, and general swim, as needed. Whether a counselor is acting as a lifeguard or leading a lesson in any given moment, he is on duty and ready to respond to an emergency at all times. All Waterfront staff complete the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training course prior to arriving or onsite during staff training.

Job Dates: Approximately June 15 - August 18
How to Apply:
 To apply for this or other positions at Camp Quinebarge, please visit

Boating Job Functions

  • Deliver a safe and fun Boating Program to campers per the provided curriculum.
  • Ensure safety at all times as a lifeguard.
  • Ensure that staff and campers know and follow Waterfront safety rules and procedures.
  • Mentor CITs assigned to Boating.
  • Assist in the management and care of the physical facilities and equipment in the Waterfront program area, including by cleaning, maintaining, and properly storing all boats and equipment.
  • Other duties as they are assigned.

Equipment includes non-motorized landscaping equipment, pontoon boat, non-motorized personal watercraft and the accompanying paddles and accessories, aquatic rescue equipment, and aquatic equipment such as personal flotation devices.

Cabin Duties

Counselors will be assigned to live in a cabin with 4-12 campers and one or more co-counselors. Cabins are the very base of life at Camp; campers live in their cabins with children of their own age and it is where most bonding occurs. A cabin counselor is more than a supervisor or babysitter; he creates a bond with his cabin, mentors and inspires campers, and handles minor issues that arise. A camper spends more time with his cabin counselors than with any other adult on camp, and can be most impacted by him for that reason. We want to create friendships, foster growth and independence, and make sure our campers have the best summer experience possible.

Cabin counselors lead all aspects of cabin life, including morning cabin cleanup, bedtime routine, and nightly Candle Pass, as well as spend time with their campers during Rest Period and special events. Each cabin goes on at least one adventure per session - a trip and/or campout on camp or offsite, where cabins laugh, sing, tell stories, and become even closer. In the unlikely event that a counselor is assigned to staff housing, she is still assigned to a cabin and is expected to fully participate as a member of that cabin, only sleeping elsewhere.

Cabin Counselor Job Functions

  • Participate enthusiastically in all camp activities, planning, and leading activities as assigned.
  • Supervising, mentoring, and leading a cabin of 4-12 campers.
  • Mentor any CIT assigned to the cabin.
  • Perform other general counselor duties, including but not limited to meal supervision, Night Duty, assisting with trips, and other duties as they arise or are assigned.

Other duties may arise and be assigned by the Directors or other Senior Staff. These may include planning or setting up for special events, acting as a secondary leader for small offsite trips, covering other program or cabin areas, and more.

Apply by: January 30 2019


Camp/Organization: Camp Quinebarge (ACA Accredited)

Location: Moultonborough

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Camp Quinebarge offers a competitive salary, room and board, leadership and other training, weekly laundry, camp t-shirts, free camper tuition, and the opportunity to participate in trips and onsite events. Staff are eligible for performance bonuses. Staff members receive 7 days off and 9 evenings off over the course of the 9-week summer, with no more than 1 of each per week, and an hour off daily.


Qualifications and Abilities

  • Documented experience or training in boating or sailing, especially instruction.
  • Current American Red Cross or recognized equivalent certification in Lifeguarding. This may be acquired onsite during staff training. Must be able to: 

    • Successfully complete online precourse.
    • Swim approximately 500 yards.
    • Tread water for two minutes without using hands or arms.
    • Complete successful timed swim and ‘rescue’ of 10 pound weight.
    • Dive to depth of 10-12 feet, collect submerged object, and return to surface.
    • Successfully perform all required skills and pass written exams.
  • Small Watercraft Safety or instructor certification and documented sailing experience preferred.
  • Valid New Hampshire Commercial Boating License. May be obtained during staff training.
  • Documented experience working with children.
  • Able to perform physical aspects of the position, including: 

    • Work long hours in an active program.
    • Identify and respond to environmental and other hazards.
    • Respond appropriately to situations requiring First Aid, and assist campers in an emergency (fire, evacuation, illness, or injury).
    • Possess strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of campers.  
  • 18 years of age as of the start of employment and eligible for work in the United States.
    • For Junior Counselors, 17 years of age.
  • Meets state, federal, and ACA requirements for summer camp employment. Must pass a background check and provide other forms and details.  
  • Min. 1 year of college/university or completion of the Quinebarge CIT Leadership Program.
  • Other certifications a plus (High Ropes/Wall, Wilderness First Aid).
  • Desire to work with and inspire children in a summer camp environment.

Additional Information

Being a camp counselor at Camp Quinebarge is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience for someone who enjoys children and helping them grow and is a summer you will remember forever. It is also physically and emotionally demanding and not for everyone. Please consider both before applying. Camp Quinebarge is an Equal Opportunity Employer, a member of the New Hampshire Camp Directors Association, and accredited by the American Camp Association.


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Liz Schwartzer

100 Sibley Road 
Moultonborough, New Hampshire 0325