Summer Experience Coordinator - Steve and Kate's Camp


Job Description

We are looking for the unique blend of management experience, customer service aptitude, logistics know-how, and a belief in our philosophy and approach. Someone to join us to lead and create a self-directed summer learning experience for our campers. You’ll manage a team of dynamic, creative young adults. You’ll forge tight bonds with hundreds of campers and their parents. You’ll help cultivate future film producers and fashion designers (don’t forget to ask for autographs). You’ll gain real-world management experience – relationship building, training and supporting staff, customer service, and more. Not to mention pie throwing, tower building, and hiding the rubber chicken. You’ll get training and support from seasoned camp pros. You’ll be encouraged to develop new ideas and approaches. You’ll be responsible for the day-to-day operations of one of our locations.

Apply by: June 13 2015


Camp/Organization: Steve and Kate's Camp

Location: Greater Boston Area

Type of Position: Director

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Hourly in pre-season, salaried for the summer


  • Be a master communicator – in person, on the phone, and over email. 
  • Have a college degree, but find learning to be a lifelong process. 
  • Past management experience doesn’t hurt. 
  • Have reliable transportation to get to camp, trainings, and campers’ imaginary kingdoms. 
  • Be able to bench press a 5 year-old and physically move (and think) quickly to respond to any situation. 
  • Background check required. 
  • Full-time, summer commitment (9-11 weeks, dates differ by location) plus pre-camp training and preparation (approximately 40 part-time hours pre-camp). 
  • Locations in Brookline, Cambridge and Chestnut Hill.


  • Be a firm believer in our philosophy and approach and have the confidence to make decisions aligned with our values. 
  • Build strong relationships with parents, campers, and staff. 
  • Problem-solve and take initiative. And know when to ask for help. 
  • Be flexible and open to new perspectives and passionate about learning. 
  • Effectively juggle multiple responsibilities and demands on your time and attention. 
  • Never settle for ‘good enough.’

Additional Information

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Laurel Hollenbaugh

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