Job Description

  1. To serve as a member of the Program Staff in all capacities.
  2. Provide programming for morning and evening cabin activities.
  3. Support the Program Director in every appropriate aspect of his/her job.
  4. Assist in obtaining supplies and making purchases related to program requirements.
  5. Maintain and inventory all equipment.
  6. Set up rifle range, making notes for facility repairs or range boundaries.
  7. Write an end of season report on program area.
  8. Supervise and assist counselors and others assigned to afternoon programs.
  9. Sharing with other staff members in planning, evaluating, and contributing to the camp program.
  10. Participating in all camp programming including, but not limited to: assist in planning and implementing all camp special programs, providing evening coverage in cabins, attending all program meetings, meals and scheduled events when on duty.

Apply by: April 14 2019


Camp/Organization: Camp Becket YMCA (ACA Accredited)

Location: Becket, MA

Type of Position: Program Head

Time Frame: Seasonal


MA Firearms Lic.

Additional Information

Training provided for camp riflery program and CPR/First Aid


Dan Berg