Program Director of Camp Aloha Hive - Aloha Foundation


Job Description

We seek a dynamic, talented, courageous and transformative leader of Hive, our summer camp program for girls ages 7-12.

The Director of Hive is a year-round, full time employee of the Aloha Foundation with the primary responsibility of managing and running Hive with the highest level of quality and safety, and in accordance with Aloha Foundation policies and principles. The Hive Director reports to the Executive Director of the Aloha Foundation and remains in compliance with Foundation policies, procedures and best practices as defined by and reporting to the Directors of Operations, Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Food Service, and Health.

Apply by: October 15 2019


Camp/Organization: Aloha Foundation (ACA Accredited)

Location: Fairlee, Vermont

Type of Position: Director

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: We are offering a competitive salary and full benefits tagged to the National Educational Market. The actual range is dependent on experience and qualifications.



  • Bachelor’s degree in education or related fields.
  • Availability to reside in residence at Hive June to August each year, to attend events and meetings in Vermont approximately 2 times per month during the year, and the ability to maintain a robust travel schedule.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills and the ability to articulate complex ideas succinctly or in depth as the situation demands.
  • Experience in camp or educational leadership or administration, including staff and constituent management.
  • A commitment to ongoing personal and professional development.

General Year-Round Responsibilities

  • Serve as the primary recruiter for both campers and staff.
  • Foster ongoing and close relationships with camp families, alumni and other constituents.
  • Gather, analyze and share data needed to develop and refine programming, budgeting, operations and the participant experience.
  • Engage in writing, conference presentations, public speaking, professional development and other educational ventures.

Summer Duties

  • Ensure that the highest standards of care are always maintained, placing the safety and well-being of campers and staff above all other goals.
  • Train and supervise all staff to achieve the highest quality camp experience for participants commensurate with Aloha Foundation programming standards.


We are inviting a wide range of possible applicants from camp backgrounds, but also professionals from other related fields looking to leverage prior experiences to bring new ideas, energy and expertise to Hive and The Aloha Foundation. We are open to considering candidates with more limited experience looking to fulfill the primary program director role as described above. We are also interested in receiving applications from more experienced candidates who might seek a higher position of leadership in the overall organization. The ultimate position will be finalized and designed to match the characteristics of the successful candidate. Candidates with and without prior experience in Aloha Foundation programs are encouraged to apply.

Additional Information

Aloha Foundation is a Vermont-based non-profit organization that provides summer camps, family camps and education programs emphasizing simplicity, the outdoors and living in community. Our programs serve a range of campers and participants from children to older adults, individuals, groups and families. We are a culturally sensitive, developmentally minded educational organization that remains mindful of local and global changes on the horizon. We were founded in 1905 and have held our non-profit status since 1968. Our vision is to be the preeminent leader of camps and innovative educational programs that benefit children, families, communities, and leaders.

Hive is the Aloha Foundation’s second oldest residential camp, founded in 1915 and serving girls ages 7-12 from across the country and the world. Generations of girls have grown into healthy and happy women, with the Hive spirit in their minds and hearts. Hive relationships are grounded in authenticity, compassion, understanding and lighthearted fun. Hive campers have opportunities to build the skills needed to develop close and trusting relationships with others, foster individual strengths of character, and celebrate timeless values that enrich the spirit and the world. The next Hive Director will have the opportunity to continue to enrich our practice, mission and future.

Hive is an ardent practitioner of a structured and formative approach to problem-solving, which utilizes an internally-mindful perspective on the approaches we take to problems or challenges. Children and adults can learn to seek internal solutions by relying on their own internal choices, talents and skills. In community, we also leverage our own standards to produce environments that are enriching and where girls from every background can be empowered to strengthen her sense of self and identity.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter as a single PDF file to Christopher Overtree, Executive Director c/o Cheryl McKinley

Please save your application in the form of FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME. In your cover letter, please explain how you are uniquely positioned to fill the role. Please also list three (3) total references, one personal and two work-related.

Review of applications will begin on October 15th and continue until the position is filled.

The Aloha Foundation is an inclusive organization that welcomes people from all backgrounds. It does not discriminate in its programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law.


Cheryl McKinley

2968 Lake Morey Road
Fairlee, Vermont 05045

802-333-3400 ext. 3102