Piano Accompanist - Aloha Foundation


Job Description

Music is an integral part of the Aloha Camps and you will be responsible for supporting our music program in a variety of ways. Your job as the piano accompanist includes, but is not limited to:
● accompanying a junior-length musical production
● accompanying all-camp singing on a daily basis
● overseeing rehearsals for the musical production, under direction from the department head
● leading rehearsals for choral group performances
● teaching voice parts for acapella and accompanied singing
● performing short preludes and background music as required
● leading and participating in activities as a member of the Performing Arts department
● participating as a full member of the Aloha Camp community

Apply by: May 10 2019


Camp/Organization: Aloha Foundation (ACA Accredited)

Location: Fairlee, Vermont

Type of Position: Specialized Activity Leader

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $4,000 to $5,000 (based on experience) plus room and board


Your skills and experience will include:
● extensive piano playing experience, including working toward or achievement of a Bachelor’s degree or higher in music
● ability to play at sight, with accuracy and feeling, popular, semi-classical, show tunes, and folk songs
● experience arranging and teaching harmony parts for singers
● ability to adapt and transpose music to suit performers
● previous experience teaching students individually or in small groups
● other skills in performing arts such as acting, directing or dance are highly desirable


Kristina Choquette

2968 Lake Morey Road
Fairlee, Vermont 05045