Overnight Camp Counselor - W. Alton Jones Campus, Environmental Education Center


Job Description

Teach and lead campers, ages 9-16 during eight six-day residential camping programs. Camp Counselors oversee safety and teach or lead environmental education, outdoor adventure, no-trace camping and survival skills, campfires, group games, evening programs, skits, and arts and crafts. General counselors will lead groups of campers ages 9-17 in a variety of different activities as well as field trips. Camp Counselors will also assist with Junior Counselor training and development. Camp Counselors also supervise campers in cabins overnight and at mealtimes and during free times on a rotating basis. Other responsibilities are to assist with waterfront supervision; help create a supportive community environment for campers and other staff; assist with camp preparation, clean-up, opening day check-in, and family programs; and instill in each camper an appreciation for the natural environment.

Apply by: March 16 2015


Camp/Organization: W. Alton Jones Campus, Environmental Education Center (ACA Accredited)

Location: West. Greenwich RI

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $1734 for staff ages 18-20, $1950 for staff ages 21 +, and $2167 for Drivers


Previous experience working or teaching with children or adolescents. Requires energy, enthusiasm, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a demonstrated interest in the environment and outdoor activities (rock climbing, no-trace camping, canoeing, etc). Red Cross certification in standard first aid and CPR required.


Successful applicants will have previous teaching experience or previous experience working with children or adolescents. College degree, or college courses in education, environmental science, outdoor education or recreation preferred. Experience speaking, leading songs, and/or story telling in front of large (50-100) groups of children is helpful. Minimum age is 18 years, 21 or older with driver’s license is preferred. Pets are strictly forbidden. All final applicants will be subjected to a criminal background check.


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John Jacques

401 Victory Highway
West Greenwich, Rhode Island 02817