Job Description

• Prepare and facilitate engaging Floating Classroom lessons for HOLA and Partner Camp participants
• Maintain curriculum materials and contribute to curriculum development
• Ensure safety of all staff and participants while on the Floating Classroom
• Assist with equipment maintenance and upkeep.
• Complete all records and reports in a timely manner
• Complete additional duties assigned by supervisor


  1. Prepare and facilitate engaging Floating Classroom lessons for HOLA and Partner Camp participants ages 5-12:
    a. Use existing resources and personal creativity to plan lessons and activities, ensuring that lessons are age and level-appropriate.
    b. Ensure that activities and lessons are hands-on and engaging to earn campers’ interest and foster an appreciation for the natural environment.
    c. Communicate with camp directors to ensure programs meet expectations and serve specific camper needs. 
  2. Maintain curriculum materials and contribute to curriculum development:
    a. Document activities and reflections to help develop and diversify Hale’s nature curriculum, including supplies needed, activity steps, and facilitator notes.
    b. Maintain organization of program materials and monitor functionality of materials, reporting or addressing problems as needed.
    c. Organize and store activity records in the Partner Camp Nature Curriculum binder at the end of the summer.
    d. Complete an end-of-season report outlining topics, activities, and suggestions for future Floating Classroom programming.
    e. Create curriculum and lessons to be implemented if Floating Classroom is not in working operation. 
  3. Ensure safety of all staff and participants participating in Floating Classroom programs:
    a. Work with Nature Program Coordinator to maintain proper boat operation and condition, and communicate equipment maintenance needs efficiently.
    b. Uphold safety standards established by Hale, ensuring that all participants wear properly-fitted PFDs and limit movement when the boat is in motion.
    c. Communicate expectations to camp directors and staff, review these guidelines before each session, and work with the Nature Program Coordinator to address problems as needed.
    d. Learn how to drive the boat and fill in as needed. 
  4. Complete all assigned duties from supervisor. 

• Able to observe, listen to, evaluate and act upon safety concerns related to nature programming.
• Able to easily access all areas of Hale by foot.
• Able to appropriately address camper and Partner Camp issues in person and on the phone.
• Able to physically assist with facility upkeep at program areas.

Apply by: April 7 2020


Camp/Organization: Hale

Location: Westwood, MA

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal


• Minimum age: 16
• Able to handle diverse tasks
• Ability to professionally represent Hale in person
• Flexible, dependable, friendly, cooperative member of the team
• Current First Aid and CPR Certification

• Display a consistent positive attitude towards clients and fellow staff
• Create and maintain a reputation for credibility, integrity, and fairness
• Uphold Hale Core Values


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Jaclyn Ross

80 Carby St
Westwood, Massachusetts 02090