Job Description

Kitchen crew members are responsible for assistance in meal preparation and serving, dish and pot washing, stock shelving, and general kitchen clean-up.
• Planning & creating lunch desserts for all campers and staff
• Assist cooks with proper food handling procedures in meal preparation such as salad making, drink mixing, serving, and cooking as required
• Stocking of food and other kitchen supplies
• Mopping of floor, cleaning of counters and appliances such as the grill and ovens, and other cleaning as required
• Operation of dish machine and pot washing as required after each meal
• Assistance in dining room tasks such as tending the coffee and drink machines, napkin stocking, and condiments
• Management of cardboard and other kitchen recyclables and waste
• Oversight of campers during the sweeping of the dining hall floor
• Other kitchen related tasks as required.

Apply by: April 4 2015


Camp/Organization: YMCA Camp Woodstock (ACA Accredited)

Location: Woodstock Valley, CT

Type of Position: Kitchen Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $1,800 + room and board


• Physical and emotional ability to be able to work on feet 8 hours a day
• Capable of lifting stock up to 50 pounds
• Maintain high level of personal hygiene


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Lesley Munshower

42 Camp Rd
Woodstock Valley, Connecticut 06282