Junior Camp Director - 4-H Camp Middlesex


Job Description


  • Oversee Junior Camp
  • Oversee CIT Program
  • Evaluate / Support counselors in Junior Camp

During Camp:

  • Meet with CITs 1 hour each day and do a lesson 
  • Coordinate mentor program for CITs
  • Oversee evaluations of CITs
  • Meet 1 on 1 with CITs each week to discuss evaluations
  • Do nightly walk-though of cabin areas when on camp
  • With head counselor, evaluate staff twice a summer of cabin responsibilities and meet 1 on 1 with them to discuss
  • Support discipline matters with campers/counselors in junior camp
  • Attend all LT morning meetings
  • Hand in all accident reports to the Executive Director
  • Notify Summer Camp Director of all matters that need attention in Junior Camp
  • Using support materials from camp office, host Sunday morning Unit PD that addresses leading/child care concerns from the previous week.
  • Host weekly staff meeting with staff to address concerns and offer special praise as needed.
  • Do night duty once a week.
  • One weekend duty with campers
  • One weekend duty without campers
  • Support Summer Camp Director with Evening Program and Thursday Big Events
  • Organize H votes during the week and pick who will give out each award to the camper that won
  • Organize band concert stations & band concert t-shirts

Apply by: June 15 2016


Camp/Organization: 4-H Camp Middlesex (ACA Accredited)

Location: Ashby

Type of Position: Administrative

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $4,130


21 or older and a college graduate in a field relating to camping or teaching.


Experience working with children in a leadership setting. Preferred experience working in a camp environment as a counselor or leader.


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Steve LaFountain

PO Box 185
Ashby, Massachusetts 01431