Head of Waterfront - Leadership Opportunity - Camp Hawkeye


Job Description

Our waterfront is most people's favorite area at camp, take a swim, go paddle-boarding or race your friend in a Canoe. None of these activities can take place without our Head of Waterfront. We are looking for a reliable, responsible and proactive individual to take on this responsibility.

•Maintain a safe, clean and happy waterfront.
•Supervise and/or execute all swim lessons, free swims, and programmed swim activities. Current swim program in place.
•Assign, oversee ongoing training for, and manage Lifeguards and other swim staff. Report directly to the Assistant Director.
•Be present and accountable during Free Swim, delegate responsibilities to Lifeguards, and run an organised session for all campers to be in the water.
•Must love working with kids.
•Must have lots of energy and a positive attitude.
•Must be committed to the Hawkeye mission.
•Help run/plan/organize other program areas.
•Direct other program instructors to lead safe and well-thought out activities for cabins.

The Salary for this position is negotiable based on skills and experience starting from $200/week. Salary includes housing, food, and laundry. Staff receive time off daily and weekly.

Apply by: May 15 2018


Camp/Organization: Camp Hawkeye (ACA Accredited)

Location: New Hampshire

Type of Position: Administrative

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $200 per week


Working at previous waterfronts/pools.
Working with children
Being able to delegate tasks and stay on top of multiple projects.
Managing other counselors with their program areas.

Additional Information

please email me with your resume at ekta@camphawkeye.com


Ekta Gupta

MOULTONBOROUGH, New Hampshire 03254