Head of Leadership Training Group/LIT/CIT - Camp Wa-Klo for Girls


Job Description

Camp Wa-Klo For Girls is looking for a seasonal Leadership Training Supervisor for a Residential Summer Camp. The head of LTGs should be a young woman who is committed to the development of the teenage girls in her program. The candidate should have summer camping experience. She will be an individual of integrity who has the unique ability to inspire and motivate adolescent girls to move toward individual potential. The head of LTGs is a leader who is respected in the camp community, one who understands that humor is necessary in the process, and an excellent role model. The head of LTGs is responsible for implementing the designated curriculum and establishing protocols. She is clear about responsibilities for the girls and expects accountability. The head of LTGs will live with the 1st and 2nd Year LTGs and will have one day off per week. In addition to the head of LTGs, a team of counselors will supervise LTG bunks and assist in training and curriculum delivery. Competitive Salary

Apply by: April 14 2019


Camp/Organization: Camp Wa-Klo for Girls (ACA Accredited)

Location: Dublin, NH

Type of Position: Program Head

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Competitive


Management experience Camp experience.


Gabriella Jarvis

435 page road
DUBLIN, New Hampshire 03444