Head of Food Service - Lions Camp Pride


Job Description

  • Oversee planning and preparation of nutritionally balanced camp meals and snacks 
  • Ensure preparation and serving of camp meals and snacks in a safe, efficient and timely manner 
  • Prepare and cook food as the menu indicates: utilizing boiling, broiling, steaming or roasting of meat, poultry, seafood, fish, vegetables, salads, soups and gravies 
  • Prepare food: including, washing, peeling and chopping 
  • Bake breads, muffins, and dessert items
  •  Ability to maintain proper food temperatures and assess condition of food 
  • Set up food, supplies and utensils for dining hall distribution
  • Oversee inventory management and ordering of food, equipment and supplies
  • Effectively manage inventory of food supply and kitchen equipment 
  • Inspect equipment regularly and report any needed repairs in a timely manner 
  • Arrange for the routine maintenance, sanitation and upkeep of the camp kitchen, its equipment and facilities 
  • Order food and kitchen supplies consistent with menus and enrollment counts 
  • Maintain high standards of cleanliness, sanitation, and safety 
  • Wash all utensils, pots and pans, prep and dining hall dishes 
  • Reduce waste, reuse items and recycle as much as possible 
  • Adhere to all established health code regulations 
  • Supervise all employees working in the kitchen 
  • Monitor employee performance and training 
  • Plan, coordinate, schedule and supervise the work of other kitchen staff 
  • Work as a member of the camp staff team 
  • Maintain effective communication with administrative camp staff 
  • Assist in implementation of staff orientation and attend staff orientation sessions as required 
  • Follow camp schedule and remain flexible to any changes that may arise
  • Follow proper Accident Protocol when necessary 
  • Assist daily setup and breakdown responsibilities 
  • Serve as a positive role model for youth 

Compensation is competitive and is based on experience. In addition, the compensation package will include accommodations and meals during the summer program. Based on the completion and success of the job duties, an end of season bonus will be available

Apply by: May 12 2019


Camp/Organization: Lions Camp Pride (ACA Accredited)

Location: New Durham NH

Type of Position: Kitchen Staff

Time Frame: Year Round

Salary: Negotiable


Prior experience a must.


Al Goldstein

Atkinson, New Hampshire 03811