Head cook - New England Camp Cedarbrook


Job Description

Responsible to: Camp Director Main Responsibility: to oversee the planning, preparation, and serving of daily meals to campers and staff; to assure safe and sanitary food storage and preparation.

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Confirm weekly menus with the kitchen coordinator or camp director.
2. Communicate food and equipment needs to the kitchen coordinator for ordering from camp’s various vendors, operating within the budget.
3. Prepare, along with the assistant cook, three nutritious meals per day for campers and staff.
4. With the assistance of Service Crew, serve meals—on time and at appropriate temperatures—according to the camp schedule.
5. Receive any reusable leftovers and oversee their proper storage and use in future meals.
6. Work with the kitchen coordinator to oversee and supervise the campers on Service Crew as they set tables, serve food, wash dishes, and clean the dining hall.
7. Maintain a clean and organized kitchen.
8. Follow the health and safety standards established by New England Camp Cedarbrook, the State of Maine, and the American Camping Association.
9. Assist other camp staff as needed with acquiring supplies and information needed for trips, cookouts, and activities.
10. Be a model of a Christian man or woman before the campers and staff. Endeavor to share Christ in meaningful ways through words and actions.

Apply by: April 13 2015


Camp/Organization: New England Camp Cedarbrook (ACA Accredited)

Location: Lyman, Me

Type of Position: Kitchen Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $13.00/hr


Essential Functions of the Job:
1. Auditory ability to respond to critical incidents.
2. Physical and mental ability to enforce and carry out safety regulations and emergency procedures.
3. Physical ability to lift, carry, and move at least 40 pounds.
4. Physical stamina to meet the demands of a full work day.
5. Supervisory skills and ability to work with others.


  • at least 5 years experience cooking for groups of 50 or more


laura Cloutier

New England Camp Cedarbrook Box 154
Alfre, Maine 04002