Job Description

A Division Leader is responsible for providing an amazing summer camp experience for an age-group (Division) of campers! Our Divisions include both boys and girls groups, with 14-20 per group and between 4-8 groups per Division. Our ages range from 4 to 15. Each group is led by a Group Leader and Counselor, and the Division Leader is responsible for supervising these staff members - providing guidance and strategies for managing challenging behaviors, and also providing feedback to the staff. This role involves the organization and management of a Division through a 10 week summer program, from June 22nd to August 28th. Staff training earlier in May and June is also required. Regular Camp hours are 9-4, Monday to Friday. Division Leaders are expected to arrive early (8am) to prepare for the day and stay late to debrief the day with the Camp Directors (up to 5:00pm approx), and to make follow up calls to parents. Communicating between departments and with Camp parents is a crucial part of the job. This is a truly rewarding job where you will be challenged in many different areas and come out of the summer with a huge sense of pride and achievement! You will develop and refine skills that will be helpful to you for the rest of your personal and professional life. You will receive guidance and feedback from Head Counselors and Directors so you will always have a place to turn when you are in need of help.

BENEFITS OF WORKING AT EVERWOOD DAY CAMP What do you get out of the staff experience at Everwood Day Camp?
•Out of work hours you will forge wonderful friendships with our other staff members through our afternoon/evening staff activities! Sports (basketball, tennis, hockey, softball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee etc.), quiz nights, movie nights and more will be running regularly throughout the summer at Camp!
•Whether you work at Camp for one summer or fifty you will gain a lifetime membership to a warm, welcoming community of our staff, our campers and their families. •An amazing experience where you will work hard, share your talents and enthusiasm and learn new skills that will be useful in future, as well as being a great resume booster.
•You will be more confident and improve (or add to) your ability to be: patient, kind, a leader, a teacher, creative, organized, inclusive, empathetic, spontaneous, independent, motivational and fun. It will be difficult to compare the person you are when you start at Camp to the person you become by the end of the summer.
•Are you seeking entrance to a college/university, a new job or an internship? A reference from one of our Camp Directors can help open doors for you.
•Paid summer employment.
•The satisfaction that you made a lasting difference in the lives of young people.

ABOUT EVERWOOD DAY CAMP Imagine a place where children are part of an extraordinary summer camp community; where they will have fun, make friends, learn, grow and are inspired to be the best person they can be! Everwood Day Camp is that place! Our wide range of activities promote educational and personal growth, through our dynamic program of instruction in sports, arts, boating, swimming, nature and outdoor adventure. Everwood Day Camp provides a magnificent camp setting on 50 acres, surrounded by 100 foot pine trees, open green fields and the glistening 350 acre Lake Massapoag in Sharon.

Apply by: April 4 2015


Camp/Organization: Everwood Day Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: United States

Type of Position: Program Head

Time Frame: Seasonal


Essential: An enthusiastic, motivated, warm, friendly, caring individual. The ability to communicate, with patience and clarity, with children, co-workers and camp parents. Experience of working with children. Great organizational skills. 22+ The ability to swim comfortably in a lake on a regular basis. Legal resident of the U.S.A. Preferred: Experience of supervising staff. Summer camp experience (either Day or Resident camp). A background and education in childcare/education. A teacher or someone training to be a teacher (or equivalent).


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