Division Head / Unit Leader - Camp Wa-Klo for Girls


Job Description

Division Head is an important leadership position because they are responsible for establishing a positive culture for their staff and campers with regard to their mental, physically, and emotional safety. The Division Head is also responsible for integrating her group into the camp community.

The Division Head oversees the campers by checking in with them daily as well as conducting weekly bunk chats. This is to ensure all campers are getting the most out of their summer experience. Division Heads will evaluate the staff they oversee to ensure they are fulfilling their job roles.

They are an important member of the Wa-Klo Leadership Team, and must be willing to share information with the administrative team that has the potential of impacting the camp community, campers, and/or other staff. This position requires a “can do” attitude and a willingness to do “whatever needs to be done” to deliver a quality experience to each Wa-Klo Camper and counselor.

Apply by: December 8 2018


Camp/Organization: Camp Wa-Klo for Girls (ACA Accredited)

Location: Dublin, NH

Type of Position: Program Head

Time Frame: Seasonal


3 years experience in a camp setting


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Gabriella Jarvis

435 page road
DUBLIN, New Hampshire 03444