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Job Description

Tabor Summer Camp is looking for motivated, energetic, and talented people to commit passionately to our community. From leading extracurricular activities, to teaching courses, to dealing with residential issues, we expect a great deal of initiative and creativity while on the job. The summer program is a warm and friendly place that enrolls children from all over the world and their experience is dependent on the connections you and the rest of the staff make with them.

The Tabor Summer Camp is an important opportunity for our children to grow, learn, and have fun during summer's short weeks. Our children come ready to explore a beautiful seaside campus, play on fields and courts, and have the opportunity to discover new ideas or build upon existing skills in Tabor's classrooms.

For our children to have a safe and productive summer, you will need to approach each day with a willingness to work, a sense of humor, enthusiasm, and common sense. Our program is quite intensive and you will learn much about yourself during the summer. You will stretch your own limits as you move from activity to activity, dine with children at meals, and, in the evening, create a community in the dorms. The days can be long, but connecting with children is the ultimate reward.

Apply by: March 13 2020


Camp/Organization: Tabor Summer Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: Marion, MA

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal


2020 Employment Process

  • We begin accepting applications online on December 1. 
  • Applicants must be high school graduates, college students, graduate students and teachers who LOVE working with children. 
  • We will begin scheduling interviews in January/February. 
  • Your application MUST be submitted online prior to your scheduled interview.
  •  Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled; there is no set deadline date. 
  • For a list of available positions and job descriptions, please click here. 
  • If you worked at Tabor Summer Camp for the last summer and wish to re-apply for this summer, you are not required to submit references, but you do have to complete an application. 
  • All hired staff must read and understand the Tabor Summer Camp Staff Handbook which will be located in your Camp in Touch Account once you are hired. 
  • An acknowledgment form must be signed electronically, if hired.
  •  All hired staff must read and understand the Essential Functions for Employment, which will be located in your Camp in Touch Account and by clicking here. An acknowledgment form must be signed electronically, if hired.


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Noel Pardo

66 Spring Street
Marion, Massachusetts 02738