Culinary & Baking – Internships and Externships - Ohana Camp / The Aloha Foundation, Inc.


Job Description

Ohana Camp is looking for 2 culinary interns / externs and 1 baking intern / extern. These are experiential positions where you will learn by doing. Each person will learn skills applicable to a professional kitchen and demonstrate understanding through repeated production.

Our family camp season runs June 17 - August 22. We also cater weddings and events, so longer employment is available for up to 6 months, from May - October.

Apply by: April 30 2018


Camp/Organization: Ohana Camp / The Aloha Foundation, Inc. (ACA Accredited)

Location: Fairlee, Vermont

Type of Position: Kitchen Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal


We serve 3-meals a day, buffet style, and cater to several food allergies and preferences. On average, we serve approximately 115 people per meal per day. We work with local farms and producers to source our food. 80% of our food comes from New England and 50% of that comes from within 100 miles of our camp, including our herb gardens, vegetable patches and foraged goods. Our kitchen is bright and open, we frequently interact with campers - they like to watch us cook and prep, we create a fun and pleasant work environment. We work long hours in one of the most beautiful places on earth with incredible people and the opportunity to hop in the lake in the middle of the day. And there are no late nights - we are usually out by 8 pm. This job is unlike any kitchen job you will ever have! Along with your institutions requirements, you will be expected to work a posted schedule, be on time, come dressed appropriately and prepared to work, read and write English and follow the directions of the Sous Chef and Head Chef. These positions report to the Head Chef. Each person will be expected to complete a final project focused on their specific area of study.


Experience in a kitchen required, would be suitable for an experienced lead line looking to make the leap into greater responsibility.

Additional Information

Ohana Family Camp is part of the Aloha Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 1905. We are located on Lake Fairlee in east-central Vermont. This position offers room and board, Wi-Fi access, free laundry supplies and machine, use of our recreational equipment, and salary.


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Jason Chartrand

2968 Lake Morey Road
Fairlee, Vermont 05045