Job Description

Cabin Counselors have one of the most eclectic job descriptions—everything involved with getting campers through the day-to-day routine of camp. In any given day you could be a song leader, a bedtime story teller, a shoulder to cry on, a mediator, or a lawn game player. Counselors live in a three-sided cabin, creating a sense of community with a small group of campers. They also work in a specific activity area, planning (with help from the Activity Area Head) and leading adventurous, experiential and often silly activities. Most counselors also are able to go out on a wilderness or service trip during the summer. Applicants need to be responsible, able to balance being a friend and an adult, be a good listener and love the idea of spending a summer in the woods hanging out with kids.

Apply by: July 20 2019


Camp/Organization: Farm & Wilderness (ACA Accredited)

Location: Plymouth, VT

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Additional Information

There openings for half summer counselors at Timberlake (July 20-August 15th).


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Julie Sanderson

401 Farm and Wilderness Road
Plymouth, Vermont 05056