Job Description

Working with counseling staff to coordinate the care, safety, comfort, behavior, and morale of the Smirkus Troupers during the rehearsal period and while on tour. Responsible for clear communication between parents, Troupers, staff and coaches regarding all Trouper matters.

1. Assist Head Counselor in overseeing all logistics of the Troupers, including home stay arrangements, Trouper schedules, Trouper transportation and travel arrangements. Coordinate meal schedules with the cook staff.
2. Coordinate with the Head Counselor age appropriate support and guidance for the Troupers. Be available to listen to concerns, issues, and problems. Help negotiate disputes. Provides or out sources counseling where appropriate. Be aware of and sensitive to issues before they become problems.
3. Acts as a liaison between the Trouper and the rest of the adult staff on tour and promotes positive relationships.
4. Informs appropriate staff of any Trouper related accidents or events that have the possibility of effecting the show or tour well being. Informs creative team and medical staff of the physical and emotional problems/situations that a Trouper may be going through, and the history behind the problems.
5. Advise cook staff or other necessary staff of any Trouper allergies.
6. Provides a communication link between Trouper parents and Circus Smirkus and the tour.
7. Seeks appropriate medical care for injured or sick Trouper. Advise Head Counselor of any Trouper related accidents, injuries or illnesses. Accompanies Trouper to doctor office or hospital.
8. Assigns Trouper work duties, oversees and schedules work details.
9. Assists Head Counselor in planning and carrying out Trouper recreational activities during rehearsal period and while on tour, such as guest performers, field trips, hikes, swimming, etc.
10. Assist in the rotating bed time and wake up duty schedules that are assigned to all counseling staff.
11. Drive company vehicle.
12. Assist in the set-up and tear down of bunk lot at the discretion of the Circus Operations Director.

Duties may include but not limited to: Setting and leveling bunkhouses, running hoses and electrical cords, setting up dishwashing station, setting up picnic tables and dining tent. WORKING CONDITIONS: Internal: Work is normally conducted in an office environment. External: Work requires travel throughout Vermont and surrounding states in preparation for and while on summer tour.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Work involves standing, walking, bending, kneeling, reaching, stooping, and other physical activities consistent with setting up heavy equipment. Work may include lifting, carrying or moving objects and equipment weighing over 50 pounds.

SUPERVISION: Supervision is received from the Trouper Head Counselor.

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT: This is a three month seasonal position from June to August 2015.

Apply by: April 20 2015


Camp/Organization: Circus Smirkus

Location: United States

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Paid Biweekly and includes room and board


You must have (or obtain before tour) certification in CPR and Basic First Aid.

Additional Information

The Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour will travel throughout New England from June 28th to August 15th. Tour staff experience firsthand the excitement and adventures of being part of a traditional touring youth circus. Teamwork, a good attitude, and the willingness to get things done are a must! We are seeking a counselor to join us as part of our circus family this summer! More information on our company please visit -


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Sara Wunderle

1 Circus Road
Greensboro, Vermont 05841