Counselor/ Assistant Coach - 6 Points Sports Academy- A URJ Summer Camp


Job Description

6 Points Sports Academy Counselors have three simultaneous roles: Counselor, Coach, and Educator. Directly responsible for all campers living in the dorms, a counselor has day-to-day involvement with each camper as an individual and with the entire group. He or she must see that every individual camper makes friends, becomes acclimated to life at camp, grows towards his or her potential and becomes a part of the total camp community. It is the counselor’s job to act as the “early warning system” for campers with problems that may have to be referred to other staff. Counselors live in the dorms with the campers, present at all times. A counselor is responsible for: • Regular, enthusiastic participation in Camp programming • Teaching and assisting Head Coaches in “Sport Majors” • Organizing and leading “Sport Electives” • Helping organize and leading evening programs • Partnering with other counselors and staff programming and camper supervision • Ensuring that all campers exercise good hygiene and health practices • Notifying immediate supervisor and the nurse of any suspected health problems • Keeping resident facilities clean and good repair • Helping campers keep track of their belongings • Knowing all emergency procedures and making sure they are posted in the bunk • Reporting all successes and issues to Unit Heads through daily camper reports • Attending pre-camp orientation and all staff meetings

Apply by: April 3 2020


Camp/Organization: 6 Points Sports Academy- A URJ Summer Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Varies depending on age


It is preferable for a counselor to have worked at least one summer in a summer camp environment and/or to have significant childcare experience. Personal camp experience is also desirable. It is also preferable and desired for a counselor to be athletic, have a high level of physical fitness and love sports!


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Nina Goodhue

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