Counselor, Trip Leader - Farm & Wilderness


Job Description

Saltash Mountain Camp is a seven-week residential camp for up to 48 (mixed gender) 11-14 year campers, with about 23 staff members. The camp's foundation is in its wilderness experiences where all Counselors lead overnight trips. Staff must be 21 years or older and some experience in the backcountry. We offer a variety of trips every summer, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, farm service, and a Long Trail Thru Hike with our Questers program. Trips staff focus on preparing for and leading trips, and assist with teaching skills to the rest of the community. They preferably have several years of experience working with children.

Apply by: July 28 2018


Camp/Organization: Farm & Wilderness (ACA Accredited)

Location: Plymouth, VT

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal


We train all of our staff in Wilderness First Aid, and offer assistance for any staff wishing to take the Wilderness First Responder course we offer starting June 1st.


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Julie Sanderson

401 Farm and Wilderness Road
Plymouth, Vermont 05056