Challenge Course Director - Camp Pinecliffe


Job Description

To ensure that the ropes course program is being safely and effectively implemented, which includes safely using equipment and elements and supervising ropes course staff while they implement ropes course programs. 

Camp Pinecliffe is a traditional all girls camp located in Maine. With a brand new high ropes challenge course, and a newly renovated low ropes course, we are looking to hire a Ropes Course Director to work primarily in the High Ropes Challenge Course but also over the low ropes program.

The Ropes Course Director for Camp Pinecliffe’s Challenge Courses will be responsible for overseeing the operation of a comprehensive ropes course including high and low ropes course elements.
The director will be able to ensure physical, mental, social, and emotional safety for campers aged 8-17 while using the ropes course.
The director will develop 1-2 (typical activity period will be 90mins) hour-long curriculum for high ropes, and low ropes elements.
The Director will be responsible for setting up, planning, and safely guiding multiple participants through a series of programmed elements to achieve their desired goals.
The Director will use the Pinecliffe course to provide an opportunity for campers to recognize and safely reach their potential. This will include promoting self-confidence, positive group dynamics, and the expansion of their problem solving abilities.
The Director is expected to work professionally & independently.

Apply by: May 26 2018


Camp/Organization: Camp Pinecliffe (ACA Accredited)

Location: Maine

Type of Position: Director

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: 4,500 + Travel + 500 End of Season Bonus


Assist the campers in emergency situations.
Lift 50 pounds.
Possess strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision.
Demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of campers.
Demonstrate enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, self-control and ability to adapt well to changing situations.
Participate in structured and unstructured activities.
Provides excellent customer service to other staff members, campers, parents and visitors to camp.
Accept and follow directions both in verbal and written form. 


ACCT Level 2 Required (or willing to attend a course if only ACCT level 1).

At least 2 years documented experience/training in ropes course facilitation from a recognized organization. 
Demonstrate the ability to guide/supervise other adults.
Desire and ability to work with and relate to children and peers in an outdoor environment.
Willingness to place the needs of girls and camp above personal desires.
Good health and stamina necessary to work in the camp setting.
The acceptance of irregular work hours.
Certified Sex Offender Registry and Criminal Background Checks will be completed for personnel file. 


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Marcy Lifter

277 South Cassingham Road
Columbus, Outside of New England 43209