Ceramics Instructor and Bunk Counselor - Fernwood Cove


Job Description

Empower Fernwood Cove campers to be the best version of themselves through active leadership and mentoring. Actively work in a global community to organize and lead camp activities and events. Provide safe, positive experiences for campers through our three-and-a-half-week traditional camp program.

Provide quality ceramics instruction to facilitate the skill development and learning of campers ages 7-15. Develop and instruct activities that include skills related to hand building, potter's wheel use, and glazing. Insure Ceramics activities are safe, engaging, and fun for campers.

Supervise and lead campers through daily routines throughout the camp session. Facilitate the development of life skills such as communication, collaboration, inclusion, and relationship development while also developing bunk family activities and routines. Encourage and support campers based on their individual needs and goals. Ensure a physically, mentally, and emotionally safe camp experience for all Fernwood Cove campers.

Facilitate other activities and events that contribute to the overall Fernwood Cove program. Embrace leadership opportunities and continually seek opportunities for personal and professional development.

Apply by: December 17 2018


Camp/Organization: Fernwood Cove (ACA Accredited)

Location: Harrison, Maine

Type of Position: Specialized Activity Leader

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $2000 +


Prior experience in ceramics and pottery.

Hand-building skills a must.

Strong knowledge of clay, glazes, and tools

Strong understanding of ceramics techniques related to hand building

Prior experience instructing and/or coaching children in arts activities


Advanced level experience in ceramics and potter, wheel throwing experienced preferred

Experience loading and operating an electric kiln

Prior experience instructing ceramics and/or pottery


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Alicia Theriault

Fernwood Cove 350 Island Pond Road
Harrison, Maine 04040