Job Description

Roles and responsibilities are as follows:
· Monitor for signs and symptoms of illness or communicable disease, and provide or obtain appropriate treatment.
· Treat occasional minor injuries and monitor for timely healing.
· Implement and monitor any on-going medical treatment in progress when campers arrive at camp.
· Provide emergency first aid and appropriate emergency medical treatment in the event of serious illness of injury.
· Oversee and provide continuity of care for campers after receiving a physician’s care.
· Dispense and monitor the effects and possible side effects of any regularly prescribed medicine.
· Dispense approved over the counter medications for indications listed, and monitor for effectiveness and potential side effects of treatment.
· Assess campers’ psychological status and adjustment to the camp environment and program. Provide appropriate intervention and emotional support for campers and/or their families if problems are noted.
· Act as a liaison between the camp and parents of families desiring or needing information about their child’s camp stay and progress.
· Oversee the general nutritional status of campers and hold up dietary choices emphasizing healthy eating, appropriate body image, and wellness as models for living. Provide appropriate intervention and teaching when indicated.
· Monitor the campers for fatigue and provide input to program staff regarding campers who may need additional rest or quiet activities.
· Monitor the general growth and development of campers as appropriate for their age levels. Be alert for girls approaching or reaching puberty that may need additional counseling, teaching or emotional support.
· Monitor general hygiene of the campers and sanitation of their living area, using opportunities which arise for teaching attitudes and practices of healthy living.

Apply by: June 8 2018


Camp/Organization: Pony Farm Summer Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: Temple NH

Type of Position: Health Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Based on Experience


Licensed RN


Experience with Children is a must.


Becky Hawkes

13 Pony Farm Ln
Temple, New Hampshire 03084-4914