Job Description

Be responsible for the health, well-being, and development of individuals we serve. Work in conjunction with other staff members to provide the best possible care for all individuals. Support the LARC mission, vision, and guiding principles.

The Tall Timbers Manager is responsible for the delivery of Camp MOE Day Camp, as well as the development of additional programming, and establishing rental of the parcel by outside individuals, groups, and organizations. Working in conjunction with the Director of Finance, Director of Development & Marketing and Executive Director to promote and secure revenue generating initiatives for the parcel as well as coordinating and implementing an 8-week summer day camp program for kids with and without special needs in compliance with all State laws and regulations.


  • Oversee the daily operation of day camp including hospitality, program, business, and health care.
  • Secure appropriate and adequate coverage in health care staff and their implementation of the health care plan.
  • Develop and oversee the business management functions of the camp including financial record keeping and office systems.
  • Oversee the systematic approach to data base management for campers, families, alumni, and donors.
  • Work collaboratively with internal and external groups to ensure the enhancement of the property operation.
  • Design, promote and deliver programming at the Tall Timbers property that is profitable to LARC and valuable to the community
  • Work to promote the Tall Timbers property as a rental facility to businesses and community members
  • Design, deliver, and evaluate camp program that meet the needs and interests of youth and the camps target markets to ensure their delivery in a safe and quality manner.
  • Remain current with information on the developmental needs of youth and apply them in the camp setting.
  • Annually seek and analyze input from youth, families, and staff regarding the quality, safety, and enjoyment of the program and staff.
  • Implementation of the State of CT Statutes & Regulations for Youth Camp Licensing.
  • Develop and implement crisis and risk management procedures.
  • Design and ensure delivery of programs and activities appropriate to the camper population.
  • Oversee the financial management and fund development operations to allow for adequate annual funding and to meet long-term goals.
  • Develop and monitor budget for camp operations.
  • Help develop and design long-term fund-raising strategies for the camp program and facilities.
  • Help design and implement a marketing plan to increase camper attendance and camp usage.
  • Prepare and analyze enrollment trends.
  • Develop and implement recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Implement human resource management practices to recruit and retain seasonal and year-round staff.
  • Recruit staff based on camper enrollment and program management requirements.
  • Hire, train, supervise, and evaluate seasonal and year-round staff.
  • Manage property development and maintenance needs to ensure stewardship of current resources and identification of future needs.
  • Conduct annual assessment of property and maintenance needs.
  • Prepare annual and long-term property plan.

Apply by: November 10 2019


Camp/Organization: CAMP MOE

Location: Torrington, CT.

Type of Position: Director

Time Frame: Year Round


Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) and experience and knowledge of youth and youth development; skills needed in planning programs and setting schedules. Knowledge of human resource management, maintenance, transportation issues, budget and finances, and program activities specific to the camp’s population would be desirable. Ability to network and market among potential partners and the community at large.


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Raebeth Konicki

314 Main Street
Torrington, Connecticut 06790