Job Description


  1. Serve as Director of Hale Day Camp (HDC) 
  2. Oversee and manage camper and staff hiring/paperwork 
  3. Coordinate with Marketing department to develop comprehensive marketing plan to be implemented throughout the year 
  4. Create and manage HDC annual budget
  5. Oversee and manage evaluation process (both internally and with outside partners)
  6. Oversee and manage annual DPH licensing and ACA accreditation
  7. Oversee and coordinate pre-summer staff training 
  8. Developing new and improving existing camp programs 
  9. Manage Financial Aid and Accounts Receivable for HDC families 
  10. Participate in Hale activities, programs, administration and other duties as needed

Apply by: February 1 2017


Camp/Organization: Hale Day Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: Westwood, MA

Type of Position: Director

Time Frame: Year Round



  1. Able to observe safety issues related to complete camp operation 
  2. Able to easily access all areas of Hale by foot and vehicle
  3. Able to appropriately address customer issues on the phone
  4. Able to utilize computer systems as provided in Hale office
  5. Able to work in an outdoor environment year-round



  1. Minimum age: 25 
  2. 2+ years of experience in camp management 
  3. 3+ years of experience supervising staff
  4. Bachelor’s degree or similar educational accomplishments
  5. Flexible, dependable, positive, friendly, cooperative member of the team 
  6. Self-motivated leader, with the ability to coordinate multiple working projects over the course of the year 
  7. Experience with various computer programs and databases
  8. Able to handle diverse tasks
  9. Ability to professionally represent Hale in person and on the phone


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Tyler Simpson

80 Carby St.
Westwood, Massachusetts 02090