CAMP COUNSELOR (MENTOR AND LEADER) - Aloha, Hive, Lanakila, Horizons, Ohana - Aloha Foundation


Job Description

In this role, you will have the opportunity to build relationships and change the path of children’s lives. You will be fulfilled and exhausted knowing that you have given your all throughout the summer. You will work with an incredible and talented team of dedicated people. You will gain tremendous leadership skills, personal growth, and relevant educational trainings and teachings. You will be assigned to live and work primarily at one of our residential summer camps (Aloha, Hive, or Lanakila) or our family camp or day camp (Ohana or Horizons) as a counselor of children. In this role, you will mentor children on a path to finding their best self, nurture relationships, teach life skills, and support the transference of all this to their world at home.

Apply by: March 9 2019


Camp/Organization: Aloha, Hive, Lanakila, Horizons, Ohana - Aloha Foundation (ACA Accredited)

Location: Fairlee, Vermont

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Varies


Being a counselor is truly a demanding, full-time job, but also one that is exceptionally fun and rewarding in terms of relationships that you can build with both children and adults. These seasonal positions are for the duration of summer, possibly including certification week (determined by director), pre-camp, and closing camp. Room and board are provided, plus a competitive salary.


Counselors are assigned to activity departments. You can expect up to four hours a day in your department, during which time you will work together with other counselors, planning, preparing for, and running activities for a range of campers. Managing safety is always the top priority. In addition, you will teach campers new skills, play fun games with them, help them to achieve ranks and advanced skills if they are interested, and participate in or lead other department-specific activities. You will have guidance from staff who have been at camp before and will be given opportunities to implement your own ideas as well. Other department responsibilities include equipment management and care, enforcing safety standards, completing appropriate reports or paperwork, and working together as a team with other members of the department. Applicants with exceptional experience or skills in a department area may be considered for the position of head or assistant head of the department.

Additional Information

We are a non-profit organization nestled in the Upper Valley of VT consisting of five camps, a year-round outdoor educational center, and various other endeavors in the educational realm. Our mission is to inspire people of all ages to learn, explore and become their best selves. We accomplish this through the curation of supportive and energetic communities, attracting and retaining transformational staff and leaders, and by connecting our work deeply to an understanding of people stemming from the fields of human development and education. For the full job description and to apply, please fill out our Counselor Application: If available, please upload a resume and any current certifications.


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Cheryl McKinley

2968 Lake Morey Road
Fairlee, Vermont 05045