Assistant Director - Camp Washington


Job Description

Camp Washington, the official Camp of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, is seeking as Assistant Director for it's 2016 Summer camp program.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITY: To assist in supervising daily camp functions.


  • Serve as immediate supervisor of cabin counselors and Program Staff.
  • Formulate community & staffing schedules along with Senior Counselor.
  • Help ensure positive morale by providing recreational opportunities for staff and assist in planning end of season celebration.
  • Identify and report staff and camper concerns to the Camp Director.
  • Assist in the daily programs as needed.
  • Visit cabins daily as a supervisory tool but also to provide opportunities to get to know campers and staff.
  • Take part in morning administration meetings.
  • Conduct weekly staff meetings for cabin counselors. 
  • Be aware of staff morale and report any concerns to the Camp Director. 
  • Assist in running the CIT program in conjunction with the Senior Counselor and Camp Director.
  • Assist in the planning & implementation of pre-season & in-service staff training.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITY: To help counselors and Program Staff identify and meet the camper’s needs.


  • Strive to learn the likes and dislikes of the campers and share observations with counselors.
  • Encourage respect for individuals and their differences.
  • Be aware of camper moods and make counselors aware of any concerns.
  • Assist counselors in providing opportunities for the group so that each camper experiences success during the camp session.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITY: To fulfill other staff administrative roles.


  • Serve as an alternate camp director in the camp director’s absence.
  • Prepare for and actively participate in staff orientation, in-service training,evening programs and special events.
  • Make personal and professional decisions and demonstrate behaviors that are in-line with the camp philosophy which will help to foster a quality program for both campers and staff.
  • Meet all deadlines set forth by supervisors.
  • Follow, and assist in enforcing, all camp rules and regulations pertaining to staff behavior outlined in the staff manual including, but not limited to: smoking, use of alcoholic beverages, interpersonal relations and the use of drugs.
  • A willingness to perform duties that do not require specialized training that may be outside of previously assigned job descriptions.
  • Assist in planning specialty camp sessions.
  • Serve as an alternate Cabin Counselor as needed.

Apply by: July 10 2016


Camp/Organization: Camp Washington (ACA Accredited)

Location: Morris

Type of Position: Administrative

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $2500-$3000



  • Desire and ability to work with and teach children and young adults in the outdoors. 
  • Desire and ability to create an emotionally and physically safe environment for children. 
  • Ability and experience in supervising and scheduling staff. 
  • Ability to work with one’s peer group. 
  • Ability to interact with parents.
  • Ability to accept supervision and guidance.
  • Experience with group dynamics and conflict resolution.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Willingness to be open minded towards spiritual exploration.
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self-control.
  • Good character, integrity, flexibility & adaptability.
  • Current CPR and first aid certifications.
  • 25 years of age or older desired


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Matthew Cornish

190 Kenyon Rd.
Lakeside, Connecticut 06758

(860) 567-9623