Job Description

During the summer, the Assistant Director is expected to:

  • Provide for the safety of all that attend Camp Wa-Klo 
  • Ensure that the American Camping Association (ACA) Standards are being followed and met 
  • Ready the camp for ACA Reaccreditation
  • Develop and implement the program 
  • Supervise the kitchen and coordinate program with food service 
  • Coordinate all programming issues with administrative team
  • Manage the dining room and all support staff employees 
  • Aid in evaluating staff both seasonal and full-time 
  • Assist the Area Heads and LTG supervisor with any difficulties
  • Support the Water, Land, & Creative Supervisors with any issues 
  • Prepare the camp for opening and closing 
  • Determine and contribute to the overall feeling that camp gives to staff and campers 
  • Report to the director about any joys, concerns, or challenges
  • Work in alliance with the administrative team
  • Solve problems, assist in solutions, and keep a sense of humor
  • Establish a rapport with campers and staff
  • Work in partnership with camp agencies and other camps 
  • Read and edit all materials that go out to the camp community
  • Decide, create, and complete any task that will make Wa-Klo more functional and successful
  • Expect the unexpected

During the non-summer months, the Assistant Director is expected to:

  • Do all of the summer month tasks if applicable
  • Attend camp fairs and home visits to help recruit campers and parents 
  • Increase knowledge about safety, programming, administration, and camping by attending conferences, workshops, and seminars 
  • Create interesting items for public relations
  • Communicate with parents, campers, and staff with any questions or concerns 
  • Find different ways to promote camp in order to obtain staff and campers 
  • Implement varying programming ideas 
  • Find a careful balance between tradition and innovation
  • Meet regularly and communicate often with Administrative team
  • Prepare for the summer months using creative strengths

Please send resume and cover letter to

Apply by: August 7 2017


Camp/Organization: Camp Wa-Klo (ACA Accredited)

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts and Dublin, New Hampshire

Type of Position: Director

Time Frame: Year Round


  • A minimum of five years relevant work experience with primary school age children is required, as is a bachelor degree, preferably in Recreation Management, Elementary Education, or Early Childhood Development. 
  • A qualified candidate must be able to make informed and sound judgments, particularly with regard to safety, under a variety of circumstances. 
  • Must possess good verbal communication skills, be resourceful, and be capable of working with minimal supervision. 
  • Must, at all times, demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and conduct when working with and around others. 
  • The ability to handle stressful situations and make rational decisions and take effective action. 
  • Ability to work independently and as a strong team player under time pressure without loss of poise, grace, or humor.
  • Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills.


Tammy Fortune

P.O. Box 292
Sterling, Massachusetts 01564